Sd-25 Starter Kit

Sd-50/8 Starter Kit

The Sd-50/8 Starter Kit includes power supply, appropriate cables, SD flash card, Flash reader/writer & GilderThumbDrive with software and manuals. Recommended for first time buyers.

Sd-50/8 not included.

Sd-50/0 Starter Kit contents:

  • USB-Card-Rd/Wr: USB2.0 Flash Card Reader/Writer. Requires no software or drivers. For programming Secure Digital (Sd) memory cards.
  • MC-Sd Flash Card: MC-Sd Secure Digital (Sd) Flash Card
  • PS-24vdc/5.0A: 120 Watt switching supply featuring 95-250 vac in 24 vdc 5.0 Amp outputs (specify country of use)
  • C-LineCord-2c/USA: Two Conducter 115vac line cord
  • C-10F: 10 conducter ribbon cable for 1/4 J-6 output cables
  • C-10IDS: 10 position female ribbon connector
  • C-10Trans: 10 position adapter to transition between ribbon cable & screw terminals
  • Mp3-50/CBL: RS-232 serial cable
  • GilderTweaker: Small screwdriver
  • GilderThumbDrive: USB flash drive with all Gilderfluke software, manuals, application notes, drivers and sample files

Note:  Parts may differ from those shown.

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