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Package Contents:
1 - v-Hd-to-1/4J6
1 - Gilder CD w/Software & Manuals

Optoisolated 1/4-J6 Cable Adapter

The v-Hd-to-1/4J6 isolates the delicate, logic level inputs of the v-Hd223, v-Hd1023, v-Xd233, v-Xd1033, v-Xt243 and v-Xt1143 video players from the hazards of the outside world. Each input is optically isolated as it passes through the v-Hd-to-1/4J6. The input signals turn on and off Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and these illuminate photosensitive transistors through an electrically insulating, but optically transparent barrier.

Eight visible LEDs show the status of the eight inputs, making it easy to diagnose wiring or switch problems when using the v-Hd-to-1/4J6.

The input to the v-Hd-to-1/4J6 is a Gilderfluke standard 1/4" J6 connector. This allows it to be easily attached to the the outputs of any of Gilderfluke's digital output controllers using a ten wire IDS connector and ribbon cable (C-10IDS and C-10F).If you are connecting discrete switches and pushbuttons to the v-Hd-to-1/4J6, you will need to provide isolated power to run the v-Hd-to-1/4J6. This is wired as shown:

v-Hd-to-1/4J6 Wiring Diagram


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