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Package Contents:
1 - BT-Servo
1 - GilderThumbDrive w/Software & Manuals
Minimum Requirements
Suggested Accessories

Wireless Servo Controller

The BT-Servo and BT-DMX are used for wireless control of remote control-style ServoMotors from a PC•MACs Animation Control System, Br-Brain4, Sd-50 or any other source of DMX-512 data.

The BT-Servo and BT-DMX use a bidirectional 900 MHz link. You can wirelessly configure the BT-Servo cards, or check on temperature, battery levels and the BT-Servo card status from any PC or Mac.

Features of the BT-Servo include:
  • Control up to sixteen remote control-style ServoMotors from each BT-Servo.
  • Accepts eight or twelve bit resolution position commands. ServoMotor positions are oversampled and calculated in sixteen bits for smoothness.
  • Automatic Ease-In when DMX-512 or RF update signals start or stop.
  • 900 MHz frequency band. 49 software selectable, noninterfering channels.
  • Up to 128 servos (at 8 bits of resolution) on each frequency spread across eight or more BT-Servo cards. Up to 85 servos per frequency at 12 bits.
  • Each ServoMotor’s ends of travel can be set anywhere between .759 and 2.241 milliseconds. Endpoints do not interact during adjustment.
  • bt-dmx and bt-servo
  • All settings are stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • Two indicator LEDs show data updates, errors in received data, etc.
  • Runs from 5 to 12 vdc servo power. Automatic servo shutoff if voltage drops below a user-preset level, or when Rf updates are not received.
  • 2.025" tall x 1.025" wide x .425" thick. About the size as a 9 volt battery!

Features of the BT-DMX include:
  • Configured through USB serial port from any PC or Mac. Once talking to BT-DMX, you can talk wirelessly to the BT-Servo cards to configure them.
  • BT-DMX
  • 900 MHz frequency band. 49 software selectable, noninterfering channels.
  • Five pin XLR for DMX-512 input.
  • Each BT-DMX transmits data for up to 128 ServoMotors.
  • Range of up to 500 feet outdoors.
  • Nine indicator LEDs show data updates, power, configuration status, etc...
  • 3.1" x 4.5" x 1.7". Small enough to be placed close to the set.
  • Includes 12 vdc power supply. 110 vac standard, 220 vac on request.
BT-Servo Suggested Accessories:
Input Devices
Output Devices
PWM Servo
DMX-512 I/O Devices
Serial I/O Devices
Mounting Options
Requires BT-DMX & Power Supply


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