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Package Contents:
1 - v-HdGilderScript
1 - Gilder CD w/Software & Manuals

Delivered on an Sd card, the v-HdGilderScript is a ready-to-go script that eliminates the need to write custom scripts for most applications.

It allows you to configure your video player by just dropping your media files into file folders on the Sd card. The v-HdGilderScript also lets you set what will play between triggered events, whether another video can ‘step on’ what is already playing, and whether you want your media to play in a random or sequential order.

Video formats supported by v-HdGilderScript:  .mpg, .vob, .mov, .mp4 and .ts.

The v-HdGilderScript works with v-Hd223, v-Hd1023, v-Xd233, v-Xd1033, v-Xt243 and v-Xt1143 video players using the v-Hd-to-1/4J6 or v-Hd-to-DMX Adapters.

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