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Package Contents:
1 - Br-Brain4
1 - GilderThumbDrive w/Software & Manuals
Suggested Accessories

The Br-Brain4 combines the functions of earlier ‘Smart’ Brick Brains with the DMX-512 storage and output features of the Br-SmartMedia. With the appropriate output cards, it can control anything that can be manipulated with an electronic signal. These include animated shows and displays, fountains, fireworks, lighting, sound systems, simulators, slide and movie projectors, fiber optics, window displays, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, special effects, signs, machines and machine tools in process control, etc.

You use a ‘Smart’ Brick System when you need to lock a number of ‘Smart’ Bricks together, and especially if you need to lock to an external time code. The ‘Smart’ Brick Brain acts as the time code reader. Any number of ‘Smart’ Bricks, and even other Br-Brain4s can be synced to another Br-Brain4 through the ‘Smart Brick Network’.

The DMX-512 output of the Br-Brain4 can control up to 2048 channels on four full DMX-512 universes. Within the DMX-512 streams, eight separate 'sequencers' can be run independently of all the others, each with their own triggers. This means that some of the outputs can be used to control one show while the other outputs are divided among the seven other sequencers, each independently running their own shows.

Features of the Br-Brain4 include:
  • Locks to Smpte, Pioneer LaserDisc and DVD time codes, or runs from internal clock.
  • RealTime Clock for scheduling when shows will be played. Can be ‘GPS’ clock synchronized.
  • LCD display and encoder for monitoring and setting minor adjustments. Configured through serial port.
  • Modes allow it to control Moog motion bases, MIDI devices, and other serially controlled devices.
  • Individual channels, or even bits within a single eight bit channel, can be run from separate sequencers.
  • DMX-512 data from any source can be recorded into Pc•MACs, edited and loaded onto an Sd flash card for use on any GilderGear. The GilderGear can replace an expensive lighting board for your permanent installation.
  • Supports up to 255 shows at one time. You can set any show to loop or play through just once.
  • Shows can be selected and played using the networkable RS-422 serial port, or ten optoisolated inputs.
  • Ease-In functions will generate a smooth cross fade when any sequencer is told to do something that might otherwise generate a jump in an analog channel.
  • Can be used to control any DMX-512 compatible devices. These include most Gilderfluke & Co. equipment, and virtually all moving lights, dimmers, smoke machines and strobes.
  • Show data is stored on standard Sd or SdHC flash cards. These can hold days of DMX-512 show data.
Br-Brain4 Suggested Accessories:
Output Devices
Remote Heads Up Display
DMX-512 I/O Devices
Mounting Options


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