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Package Contents:
1 - USB-MbJoystick
1 - Gilder CD w/Software & Manuals

USB Motion Base Joystick

The best kind of ‘joystick’ is one which is a model of the actual device that is being controlled by an Animation Control System. When you move the USB-MbJoystick, the actual device will move identically. The USB-MbJoystick is used to program motion base platforms. When the USB-MbJoystick is combined with our Pc•MACs hardware and software, you can easily ‘fly’ three or six axis motion base platforms in real time. Pc•MACs will remember exactly what you do and when you did it. Using Pc•MACs' editing functions, you can then massage your motion profile until it is absolutely perfect.

Features of the USB-MbJoystick include:
  • Twelve bits resolution all analog channels. Supports eight through sixteen bit resolution analog channels in Pc•MACs.
  • Plug-n-Play USB connection to your PC.
  • Programs six axis motion base platforms.
  • Easily converts for programming three (or other) axis motion base platforms.
  • Geometries can easily be reversed for programming motion bases that are inverted.
  • Two additional 100mm slide potentiometers are available on the top of the joystick platform for programming lights and other analog functions. By using Pc•MACs' mix functions, these can be used to provide ‘heave’ or ‘sway’ controls that can be used to control multiple axis simultaneously.
  • Eight momentary pushbuttons. These can be configured as ‘transport’ control buttons (play/record/rehearse/stop) or as eight digital programming inputs for programming on/off functions.
  • Connections to potentiometers are by RJ-08 telephone handset plugs for easy field repatching.
  • Draws its operating power from the USB connection.
  • The six potentiometers mounted with rod ends can be used in other joystick applications.

Note: This is an upgrade to our older MB-Joystick. For existing owners of the MB-Joystick the electronics can be field upgraded to a USB-MbJoystick.


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