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Package Contents:
1 - USB-AtoD
1 - USB Cable (2 meter long)
1 - Gilder CD w/Software & Manuals

Do-It-Yourself Programming Console

The USB-AtoD is used for two purposes:
  • To build your own custom ‘Waldo†’ or programming console. You can connect potentiometers, switches, joysticks or whatever you need right to the USB-AtoD.
  • To connect to an older control system that is to be replaced by a new Gilderfluke Control System. In this way, you can import the existing shows from the older control system into Pc•MACs, and don't have to reprogram them from ‘scratch’.

By plugging in the USB-AtoD and pressing the ‘find joystick’ button on the Soft Console, it will take over for the keyboard and mouse for all of your programming. When the USBAtoD is combined with our Pc•MACs hardware and software, you can easily program up to eight analog axis in real time. Pc•MACs will remember exactly what you do and when you did it. Using Pc•MACs' editing functions, you can then fine-tune your motion profile until it is absolutely perfect. When you are satisfied with your show, you can then download it to the GilderGear control system that will stay with the show, and your PC can be moved to your next project.

Features of the USB-AtoD Console include:
  • Eight Analog inputs. Connect any 0-5 volt signal, or any standard potentiometer. Three spring terminals (ground, analog input & +5 volts) for each analog input. Attach the wiper from your pot to the analog input, and the pot's other two wires to the ground and +5 volt pins (swap the +5 & ground if your pot is backwards). Attach external signals between the ground and the analog input pin.
  • Thirty-two button inputs. Two spring terminals for each button input (ground & digital input). Just connect a button or other switch between the two terminals. These inputs can also be assigned to control Pc•MAC's basic transport functions. You can put the ‘record’, ‘play’ and other functions right onto your custom console!
  • Twelve bits resolution on all analog channels. Use to program eight through sixteen bit resolution analog channels in Pc•MACs.
  • USB-AtoD Diagram
  • Plug-n-Play USB connection to your PC with no drivers needed. Appears to the PC as a standard joystick.
  • Twelve bit analog resolution. Supports eight through sixteen bit resolution channels
  • USB powered. Doesn't need any additional power supplies. Includes 2 meter long USB cable.
  • Includes 2 meter long USB cable.

† A ‘Waldo’ is a model of the thing you are controlling. Move the Waldo and the real thing follows.


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