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1 - Amp-50
1 - GilderThumbDrive w/Software & Manuals
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Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier

The Amp-50 is a Class-D stereo audio amplifier. It can be used in Store-Casting, conference rooms, home theaters, car audio, museum, safety, haunt, industrial or entertainment applications. Anywhere you need a solid state, high quality audio amplifier that puts out an amazing amount of power, but barely gets warm.

The Amp-50 Class-D amplifier efficiency is near 90%. If you feed fifty Watts of 24 vdc into an Amp-50, you will get nearly fifty Watts into your eight ohm speakers. The supply current into a Class-D amplifier modulates to follow the sound exactly. If the sound is quiet, the supply current drops almost to zero. At full volume, it draws about two amps of 24 vdc, which is about equal to the 50 Watt rating of the amplifier (power = voltage x current).

Typical ‘Linear’ amplifiers have only about 20% efficiency. Fully 80% of the power you put into them goes into the heatsink as waste heat. A fifty Watt linear amplifier only feeds about ten Watts of power into your speakers, and forty Watts into the heatsink, whether or not there is any sound being fed through the amp!

This makes the Amp-50 power output roughly equivalent to what would be a 200 Watt linear amplifier!

Features of the Amp-50 include:
  • An amazing fifty Watt Class-D stereo amplifier packs the power of a 200 Watt linear amp!
  • Low 0.1% THD+N distortion.
  • Integral Current Limit and Thermal Protection. Amp turns back on a moment after the fault is removed.
  • Works with most four to eight ohm speakers.
  • amp_50_dia
  • The amplifier can be bridged for a single fifty watt mono output into a four ohm speaker load.
  • Two RCA line level inputs for feeding in external line level audio signals.
  • Runs on any voltage from 12 to 24 vdc. Use a 60 Watt power supply (24 vdc at 2.5 amps) for maximum output. Universal input (90- to 24 vac input) power supplies are available from Gilderfluke & Company.
  • Low current draw makes the Amp-50 ideal for batteries or solar cells where line power is unavailable.
  • If running at high SPLs, use speakers that are rated for at least 100 Watts of continuous power.
  • As with any amplifier, speakers can be connected series/parallel to drive more speakers.
  • Sturdy aluminum enclosure. Mounts in 2-3/4" Snap Track, DIN rail (with adapters) or just screw it down.
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