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Package Contents:
1 - Tester-J6
1 - Gilder CD w/Software & Manuals
Suggested Accessories

Digital Output Wiring Tester

Through the years we have found that when there is a problem with a system during installation, that most times an output wiring problem caused it. These testers can be used during a new installation or on any existing show to test for wiring problems.

The Tester-J6 card will plug in place of a digital output card (Br-ZBrick or Br-MultiBrick32). The Tester-J6 sends open collector switch to ground signals to simulate any digital output card.

Features of the Digital Tester-J6 include:
tester j6
  • Thirty-two switches simulate the digital outputs from any Gilderfluke & Co. digital output card (Br-ZBrick, Br-MultiBrick32).
  • Green LEDs clearly show each digital output.
  • If an output is shorted, then a red LED will turn on instead of the normal green LED to indicate a wiring problem. All outputs are PTC circuit breaker protected from short circuits and damage.
  • Digital outputs that are shorted to their neighbors can easily be seen (two LEDs are turned on).
  • Four ‘Power’ outputs on the J6/A connector are PTC circuit breaker protected.
  • The indicator LEDs clearly show each ‘Power’ output.
  • Any shorts on the ‘Power’ outputs are indicated by a red LED.
  • Runs on any voltage from 9 to 24 vdc.
Tester-J6 Suggested Accessories:
Input Devices
Output Devices
DMX-512 I/O Devices
Serial I/O Devices
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