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Number 23
Winter 2014-2015
  Newsletter Number 23 Downloadable PDF version
  Newsletter Number 23 HTML version:  
New Beta Pc•MACs
4K Resolution Video Players
Apple Remote and Sd-25 w/DMX
Which Video Player is Right for You?
Opening Old Shows with New Pc•MACs
DMX-512 Triggered Video Players
•  Made in the USA
Smaller than a Post-It Note
•  Control System White Papers
•  New USB-to-Rs232/422
•  App. Note:
Build a Budget Backyard Fountain
•  Using The Big Timecode Generator in the Sky
•  Random Shows
Machao Orphanage
GilderGear Custom Labeling
•  GilderSwag Available
•  Custom Design Work
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Show Plans for 2014-2015
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 22
Winter 2013-2014
  Newsletter Number 22 Downloadable PDF version
  Newsletter Number 22 HTML version:  
New Z-Brick w/ Sd/SdHC Flash Card for Storing Shows
Sd-25 with DMX-512 Networking Built-In
Digital Outputs From a SER-DMX
Support for Higher (and Mixed) Resolutions
3D Video Playback Using One Player
Cameras to Keep Ticket Takers Honest
•  Kinetic Sculpture Restoration
New Concepts in Interactive Show
•  Touchscreen Triggering
•  Using the Randomizer
•  Pluggable Terminals
•  Capturing Real-World with USB-AtoD
•  Gold plating on PCBs
•  250 year Old Clock Upgrade
Made in the USA
App. Note:
Getting Most From Pc•MACs' Mixer
•  Machao Orphanage
•  Custom Product GilderGear Labeling
•  GilderSwag Available for Ordering
•  Custom Design Work
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Show Plans for 2013-2014
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 21
Winter 2012-2013
  Newsletter Number 21 Downloadable PDF version
  Newsletter Number 21 HTML version:  
RC Servo-Motors Built to Last
Modem-WiFly Serial Adapter
We’re Turning Thirty!
More Online Videos For GilderGear
Brown Bag Training
•  New BrightSign HD Video Players
Triggering Videos from Switches, DMX-512 or a Show Controller
•  How Loud is an Sd-25?
•  Enfield S2 Pneumatic ServoValve
•  Quotes
•  Woodward HRT 10M ServoValve
•  Rack 'em Up
•  Elevator Sounds
Made in the US of A
Using More Than Two Speakers
App. Note:
The Ultimate Garage Door Closer
•  GilderGear Comparison Chart
•  Machao Orphanage
•  Custom Product GilderGear Labeling
•  GilderSwag Available for Ordering
•  Custom Design Work
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Show Plans for 2013
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 20
Winter 2011-2012
  Newsletter Number 20 Downloadable PDF version
  Newsletter Number 20 HTML version:  
Pc•MACs GearLists
Running Pc•MACs on a Mac
Using a Br-Brain4 as a Timecode Reader
New DAC-Quad
New Online Videos For GilderGear
Triggering High Definition 1080p Videos from DMX-512
•  App. Note: Build a Motion Base
Programing Your Motion Base
•  GilderScript for BrightSign Video Players
•  Analog Pneumatics with Voltage-to-Pressure (V-to-P) Converters
•  New Br-ANA Commands Make it a Breeze to Attach Wind Sensors
•  Random and Sequential Playlist Commands
Ready-to-Go Solar
The Dog You Don't Have to Feed
(or Clean Up After)
GilderGear Comparison Chart
•  GilderGear is Made in the USA
•  Custom Design Work
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Custom Labeling for GilderGear
•  Machao Orphanage
•  Show Plans for 2012
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 19
Winter 2010-2011
  Newsletter Number 19 Downloadable PDF version
  Newsletter Number 19 HTML version:  
New PC•MACs entering alpha
Br-Brain4 at last!
It’s not programming, it’s Performance capture
Isolated USB-to-DMX512 in XLR Shell
GilderGear Comparison Chart
BrightSign 1080p Video Players with Built-In WiFI
•  New Consoles for PC•MACs
What is ‘Multi-Sequencer’?
•  Enclosed BR-CC08
•  Controlling GilderGear from your iPad/iPod/iPhone
•  How To Make a Br-miniBrick16
Analog Channels for Digital Outputs
Sd-25 Message Stacking
Just what is DMX-512 anyway?
•  Triggering SoundFiles Through Two Inputs
•  Programming Using ‘Key Frame’ Techniques
•  IR Photo-Electric Sensors
•  Br-Brain4: PopOut Shows
•  Custom Labeling for GilderGear
•  Show Plans 2011
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 18
Winter 2009-2010
  Newsletter Number 18 Downloadable PDF version
•  Big Things Coming for PC•MACs
•  Br-ANA with Sd Flash Cards
Bigger Pb-DMX show memory
•  Free GilderChocolate
•  GilderGear Comparison Chart
BrightSign & DVX-F150 Video Players
•  IR Receiver for Sd-10 and Sd-25
Updated IR-Rx
•  Using IR-Tx and IR-Rx
•  How Big Does a Sd Card Need to Be?
•  Custom Modes For Sd-10/25
•  Serial Volume Control for Sd-10/25
•  Bigger Batteries on Sd-50s
Florida GilderOffice Temporarily Closed
Using Sd-10 as TimeCode Generator
•  App. Note: Solar Power Systems
•  A Walk Thru Non-Volatile Memories
•  Using GilderGear with PLCs
•  GilderSwag Available For Ordering
•  Custom Labeling for GilderGear
•  Show Plans 2009
•  Our Two Most Asked Questions
Number 17
Winter 2008-2009
  Newsletter Number 17 Downloadable PDF version
•  Big Things Coming for PC•MACs
•  New Lg-DMX/DC
Our 25th Year
•  GilderShopping Cart
•  Programming with a Macintosh
Changing the Order of SoundFiles on Sd Cards
•  New Cable for Br-miniBrick4s
One GPS, two (or more) Sd-50s.
•  USB to RS-232
•  Fountain in a Briefcase
•  "Odd" Applications for GilderGear
•  Keeping Sd Audio Players in Sync
Hot Spare Brain
Best Small Screwdriver
•  Misbehaving Sd Cards
•  Organizing Sd-50s Files and Folders
•  Br-miniBrick16
•  Servo Valve Troubleshooting
•  Demystifying Binary Triggers
Number 16
Winter 2007-2008
  Newsletter Number 16 Downloadable PDF version
•  Br-miniBrick8s Transmit DMX-512
•  GilderGear Chart
Gilder Bluetooth
•  32 Bit Resolution Support in PC•MACs
•  New Modes for Sd-25
Touchscreens Revisited
•  GilderLeap Years
•  App Note: Moving Sound
•  California Compliant Power Supplies
"Odd" Applications for GilderGear
Seventy Volt Speaker Systems
•  Solid State Relays with Switches
•  Judging Sd Card Speeds
Number 15
Winter 2006-2007
  Newsletter Number 15 Downloadable PDF version
•  Sd-10 & Sd-25 Designs Updated
•  All-New Br-miniBrick8
Sd-50 Gains Sense of Direction
•  ”I Want That Amplifier!”
•  New in PC·MACs
Amplifier & Speaker Ratings
•  CE and FCC Certification
•  Pb-DMX32
•  4th Generation Smart Brick Brains
•  Wire Resistance vs. Length
•  DIN Rail Mounting
•  Amp-50 Kicks Butt!
Tip: Sd-25’s Mixer with a Microphone
Just What are those Pesky Id3 Tags?
•  C-50trans
•  Tip: Gapless BGM w/Sd-10 & Sd-25
•  Rollercoaster Sound Systems
•  Send us your Projects’ KMZs!
•  Tip: ‘Free’ Outputs for Audio Starts
Number 14
Winter 2005-2006
  Newsletter Number 14 Downloadable PDF version
•  Sd-50 for Audio & Animation
•  Sd-25 Audio Player Only
Sd-10 for Low-Cost Audio Player
•  Br-MiniBrick4
•  New in PC•MACs
Just for McFadden Bases
•  Video Kiosks and Signage
•  Worldwide Daylight Savings
•  Kp-300 Expansion
•  Atomic Clocks International
•  app. note: Control System Architectures
•  See Us in 'Making Of' Clips
Greatest Hits CD-ROM
GilderWeb Page
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Custom Design Work
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Gilderfluke at Trade Show
•  Our 2 Most-Asked Questions
Number 13
Winter 2004-2005
  Newsletter Number 13 Downloadable PDF version
•  Mp3-25: Audio Hockey Puck
•  Any Good Movies Lately?
Instant Triggering Mp3s
•  Long Anticipated BR-EFB
•  Rosco & Wireless DMX-512
•  Multilingual Mp3-50s
•  Video Playback Solutions
•  Video Chameleon Adapter
•  DRV-05 Updated
•  Worldwide 'Atomic' Clocks
•  Take it for a Spin
LG-DMX/DC Low Volt Dimmer
App. Note: Relay Options
•  International Distribution
•  Vintage vs. Obsolete
•  Field Installation & Service
•  Greatest Hits CD-ROM
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Custom Design Work
Number 12
Winter 2003-2004
  Newsletter Number 12 Downloadable PDF version
•  Mp3-50: The First Year
•  Wireless Servo Control
Twenty Years, more or less...
•  Portable RealTime License
•  Wireless DMX-512
New in PC•MACs
•  Keyboards for Programming
•  Video Playback Solutions
•  Sounds in the Woods
•  Coming Soon
•  New Analog Valves
•  Solid State Relay Pack
IR Sensor
Controls for Motion Bases
•  Doing More With Less
•  Motor Animation
•  Brick Brain w/Atomic Clock
•  Greatest Hits CD-ROM
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Custom Design Work
Number 11
Winter 2002-2003
  Newsletter Number 11 Downloadable PDF version
•  Mp3-50 Audio Playback & Show Control System
•  BR-ANA & The End Of Eproms
•  Cage for Mp3-50s
•  WTC
Networking Gilderfluke
•  Mp3-50 w/Atomic Clock
•  A Case for BR-MiniBrick8s
•  Application Notes
•  When to use an IR-Link
•  Water, Water, Everywhere
•  KP-300 Now Includes Z-Brick
Greatest Hits CD-ROM
GilderWeb Page
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Custom Design Work
•  Field Installation Service
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Our 2 Most Asked Questions
Number 10
Winter 2001-2002
  Newsletter Number 10 Downloadable PDF version
•  BR-SmartMedia
•  LG-DMX-DC Dimmer
USB Smpte Card
•  Video Record/Playback Box
•  Z-Brick Does DMX-512
Passwords for Brick Brains
•  Touch Screen Control
•  Custom Design Work
•  What's New In PC•MACs
•  Serial Device Controllers
•  A Fountain Mystery
•  Getting Started with Gilderfluke & Company Equipment
•  FSK-GEN for FSK & DMX-512
BR-MultiBrick32 With Lights
Greatest Hits CD-ROM
•  Hardwareless Realtime
•  GilderWeb Page
•  Classes Anyone?
•  Field Installation Service
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Our 2 Most Asked Questions
Number 9
Fall 1999-2000
  Newsletter Number 9 Downloadable PDF version
•  Gilderfluke East
•  BR-MultiBrick32 Brick
Hardware-less Programming
•  BR-MultiShow Brick
•  PC•MACs on Windows NT
Slider Expansion Console
•  Repeaters with PCMCIA
•  Motion Base Joysticks
•  Spring Block Breakouts
•  Analog & Digital Testers
•  48 KHz Sample Rates
•  How to: Live Takeover Shows
•  Tips on Ribbon Cables
SER-DMX ServoMotor Control
Smarter Brick Brains
•  Greatest Hits CD-ROM
•  CC-3251 Card Cages
•  LaserDisk Controllers
•  Y2K Compatibility
•  GilderWeb Page
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Our 2 Most Asked Questions
Number 8
November 1998
  Newsletter Number 8 Downloadable PDF version
•  Gilderfluke Towers
•  Program in Place MiniBrick8
PCMCIA Audio Repeaters
•  Animation System a Day.....
•  PC•MACs Input Mixing
PC•MACs Ease-In & .WAV
•  DC Powered AudioBricks
•  BS-Serial Repertoire Growing
•  Three Slot Brick Cage
•  Classes Contemplated
•  All-Digital Servo Controller
•  KP-300 Smart Brick Panel
•  Analog Smart Brick Upgrade
Mini FSK Playback Unit
Dimming On the Cheap
•  Slow LaserDisk Programming
•  Florida Also Contemplated
•  Reliable Servomotors, part 2
•  Digital Output Smart Bricks
•  Motion Base 'Blocking Valve'
•  Gilderfluke Show Plans
•  Our 2 Most Asked Questions
Number 7
November 1997
  Newsletter Number 7 Downloadable PDF version
•  Eight Bit Audio Compressor
•  Gilderfluke & Co., Inc.
Encoder Consoles
•  Custom Consoles
•  Teach PC•MACs new Tricks
DMX & MIDI Output Bricks
•  Memory Expansion Boards
•  Revamped Servo Controller
•  'Program In Place' Bricks
•  Brick Card Cages
Digital or Analog Moves?
Electronic FeedBack Fundamentals
•  Motion Base App. Note
•  Atchley Parts Available
•  Eprom Saves in PC•MACs
•  Environmental Soundscapes
Number 6
November 1996
  Newsletter Number 6 Downloadable PDF version
•  New 'Dumb' Bricks
•  New PA System for Houston
International PeopleMover
•  Mini Smart Brick Brain
•  Windows '95 OK for PC•MACs
Motion Base Control
•  PC-Style Joystick Amplifier
•  Multiple LaserDisk Control
Automated Theater Control
Animation Programming On the Road
•  Where to use PC•PB and Hard Disk Audio Playback
•  Downloading Lighting to an Analog Smart Brick
Number 5
November 1995
  Newsletter Number 5 Downloadable PDF version
•  New MicroConsole
•  New SmartBrick Brain for Card Cage Mounting
PC•MAC does Windows ('95)
•  Hard Disk Audio for PC•MACs
•  Back to the Future
•  Memory Management for PC•MACs
Updated Z-Bricks
Animation and Sound for Parades
Number 4
November 1994
  Newsletter Number 4 Downloadable PDF version
•  New Togglodyte Debuts
•  New Mid-Sized Animation Systems
•  Analog Output SmartBricks
•  RS-422 Converters
Number 3
November 1993
  Newsletter Number 3 Downloadable PDF version
•  DR3000 Series
•  PC•MACs
Sixteen Bit Mini-Repeaters
•  Flying Faders and Encoder Sub Consoles
•  High Resolution Servo and Stepper Motor Controls
•  Heads Up Displays
Self Protecting Outputs
Number 2
January 1993 - Page 1
  Newsletter Number 2 Downloadable PDF version
•  Microsoft Windows Animation Control System
•  CD Quality Digital Audio
Infrared Remote Controls
Number 1
March 1992
  Newsletter Number 1 Downloadable PDF version
•  New SmartBrick System
•  Audio Brick knows the Time of Day
Atchley Valves
•  Intelligent P.A. System
•  DR-50 Fills a Void
•  Disney compatibility
Playback only Brick Cards
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