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With GilderTrigger your iPhone or Android Phone lets you take control of the show and then put it right back into your pocket. GilderTrigger is a mobile application that allows one or more operators to connect into an existing or new Gilderfluke Show Control System, over a WiFi network. Our app will allow your iPhone or Android to cue, start, control, sequence, and more! You can add as many devices as you want, controlling both a single-sequencer MiniBrick and a multi-sequencer rack mounted Brain4 from the same place!

To retrofit an existing system or integrate into a new design, only a few pieces need to be added. First you will need an iOS or Android smartphone and the corresponding GilderTrigger App. Second you will need to add Gilderfluke's Modem-Internet module onto your control system, via RS-422 or RS-232. Then connect and add the module and phone to a network. That is all for the hardware side!

There are two ways to configure and personalize GilderTrigger for your installation and phone. You can ‘Auto Setup’ or manually configure your app. Just put in the IP Address and Port and press ‘Auto-Setup’. Now go back to the main GilderTrigger page and control your show!


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