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GilderTrigger for iPhone


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With GilderTrigger, your iPhone lets you take control of the show and then put it right back into your pocket. GilderTrigger is an iPhone app that allows one or more operators to connect into an existing or new Gilderfluke Show Control System, over a WiFi network. Our app will allow up to 255 custom triggers or buttons for an iPhone to cue, start, control, sequence, and more for your installation. Whether it is a single sequencer MiniBrick or multi-sequencer rack mounted Brain4 and card based attraction GilderTrigger can handle it easily.

To retrofit an existing system or integrate into a new design, only a few pieces need to be added. First you will need the iOS GilderTrigger App and iPhone to run it on. Second you will need to add Gilderfluke's Modem-Internet module onto your control system, via RS-422 or RS-232. Then connect and add the module and iPhone to a network. That is all for the hardware side!

There are two ways to configure and personalize GilderTrigger for your installation and iPhone. You can ‘Auto Setup’ or manually configure your app. To do either, first double check that you are on the same network as the Modem-Internet module target. Second, open the app on your iPhone and tap ‘Setup’ in the upper right corner. Now pick a Show Trigger which will take you to a Target Device Settings page. Now enter the IP Address and Port of the module target. At this point, you can manually type in each the button names and targets strings or simply go ‘Back’ to ‘Setup’ and select ‘Auto Setup’. Give it a moment and it will confer and configure with the Gilderfluke Show Controller; doing most of the work for you behind the wheel .

Now go back to the main GilderTrigger page and control your show!


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