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Gilderfluke Manuals

Audio Playback Systems: 
Sd-10 Audio Repeaters 418KB
Part covered:  Sd-10, Sd-10/STL
Sd-25 w/DMX Audio Repeater w/Amplifier 1.07MB
Part covered:  Sd-25 w/DMX
Sd-50 Audio & Show Controllers 2.4MB
Parts covered:  Sd-50/0, Sd-50/08, Sd-50/40, Sd-50/GPS8, Sd-50/GPS40
Amp-50 Class D Stereo Audio Amplifier 369KB
Part covered:  Amp-50
Animation Control Systems: 
PC•MACs Show Control System Programming Software  
Parts covered:  MACs-License, USB-Slider Console, USB-MbJoystick, USB-AtoD, MACs-Universal-Pro, MACs-Universal-Exp, MACs-Cust
Do-It-Yourself Programming Console 1MB
Parts covered:  USB-AtoD
Br-miniBrick8 1.6MB
Part covered:  Br-miniBrick8
Br-miniBrick4 607KB
Part covered:  Br-miniBrick4
DAC-Quad 865KB
Part covered:  DAC-Quad
Pb-DMX 492KB
Parts covered:  Pb-DMX/0, Pb-DMX/8, Pb-DMX/16, Pb-DMX/24, Pb-DMX/32
Br-Brain4 1.2MB
Part covered:  Br-Brain4
Br-ANA Analog Output Smart/Dumb Brick 416KB
Part covered:  BR-ANA
Z-Brick 152KB
Part covered:  BR-ZBR
Ir-Passive Instructions 312KB
Part covered:  Ir-Passive
Br-SDC Serial Device Controller 2.7MB
Part covered:  BR-SDC
DMX-512 Input Servo Motor Controller 292KB
Part covered:  SER-DMX
Quad EFB Controller 156KB
Parts covered:  EFB-QUAD and PID-QUAD
Electronic Blocking Valve for Motion Bases 48KB
Part covered:  Blk-Valve
KP-300 Smart Brick Control Panel 608KB
Part covered:  KP-300
DMX-512 Input DC Dimmer 112KB
Part covered:  LG-DMX-DC
C-50 Trans 740KB
Parts covered:  C-50 Trans
Ir-Passive 319KB
Part covered:  Ir-Passive
Serial Port Adapters: 
Bluetooth Serial Adapter 676KB
Part covered:  Bt-Rs232Rx
Serial Device Controllerrs 529KB
Parts covered:  Br-SDC, Br-SDC8,Br-SDC-09
Video Playback Systems: 
v-Hd to DMX 201KB
Parts covered:  v-HD-to-DMX, GilderScript and v-Hd, v-Xd and v-4K Video Players 
Legacy Audio Playback Systems: 
Sd-25 Audio Repeaters w/Amplifier 412KB
Part covered:  Sd-25, Sd-25/Line-Out
Mp3-25, Mp3-50 Audio & Show Controllers * 2MB
Parts covered:  Mp3-25, Mp3-50/0, Mp3-50/08, Mp3-50/40, Mp3-50/8C, Mp3-50/40C
Legacy Animation Control Systems: 
PC•MACs Animation Control System & Software 4.26MB
Parts covered:  MACs-Smp, -Con, -EncCon, MicroCon, CustomCon
‘Smart’ Brick Animation Control System 740KB
Parts covered:  BS-BRN-CRD, BS-CRD, MiniBRN, HUD
‘Dumb’ Brick Animation Control System 792KB
Parts covered:  BD-CRD, MicroConsole, Togglodyte
BR-MultiBrick32 492KB
Part covered:  Br-MultiBrick32
BR-SmartMedia 567KB
Part covered:  BR-SmartMedia
Quad D/A and Single Channel D/A 60KB
Parts covered:  DAC-08, DAC-12 and DAC-QUAD
Quad Piggyback Digital to Analog converter * 32KB
Part covered:  DAC-Piggy 
Sixteen Channel Servo Controller and Joystick Amp * 80KB
Parts covered:  SER-16, AMP-16 and AMP-PC
Legacy EFB Controllers * 64KB
Parts covered:  EFB-QUAD (old) and D/A-EFB
Legacy Smart Brick Manual * 1.1MB
Parts covered:  Brown Box Brick Brain, Record/Play Smart Bricks
Analog Output Smart Brick (ver 2.nn w/Eprom memory) * 152KB
Parts covered:  BS-ANA, BR-ZBR
DMX-512 Output MultiShow Brick * 152KB
Part covered:  BR-MultiShow
DMX-512, Serial, and MIDI Output Smart Bricks * 208KB
Parts covered:  BS-DMX-Tx, BS-Serial, BR-ZBR
DC Four Level Dimmer * 28KB
Part covered:  LG-DCQ
Frequency Shift Keyed/Remote Terminal Unit * 152KB
Part covered:  FSK/RTU
Back to the Future, Japan 604KB
Part covered:  BttF2
Legacy Audio Systems:
8 Bit Digital Audio Systems * 436KB
Parts covered:  AB-100, AB-Clock, DR-50, AB-50, CC-3250
16 Bit CD-Quality Digital Audio Systems * 516KB
Parts covered:  AB-3000, DR-3000, AB-3000p, DR-3000p 
PA System * 168KB
Parts covered:  MA-100 thru MA-200, PA-50 thru PA-500
MACs 8 bit Digital Audio System * 472KB
Parts covered:  DR-100, DR-300, DR-400, AB-100, DAS-100
Legacy Video Playback Systems: 
Video Chameleon 292KB
Part covered:  Video Chameleon
ProDVXF100 Installation and Operation Guide 412KB
Part covered:  ProDVXF100
* not recommended for new applications 

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