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Gilderfluke & Co. designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems and CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters which are used by theme parks, museums, waterparks, miniature golf courses and other attractions throughout the world.

As the world leader in the field of entertainment electronics, we are the only company which can provide the entire electronic package for your project.

All of our systems are modular, so off-the-shelf components can be plugged together to fit any job. Animation Control Systems are available with anywhere from four to thousands of outputs. We can provide Digital Audio Playback Systems with a single audio track, or as many outputs as needed.

GilderGear Comparison Chart
The GilderGear Comparison Chart makes it easy to compare Gilderfluke & Co. components like our MiniBrick Show Controllers and MP3 Audio Repeaters/Show Controllers.

Gilderfluke Online Store
Gilderfluke's online store is now open:
• Orders ship from Gilder HQ in Burbank, CA.
• Your credit card is "authorized only" at time of check out.
• Your credit card is charged when your order is shipped.
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Br-Brain4s control Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Musical Water Feature

Designed and installed by Hydrotech Swimming Pools & Fountains, the musical water feature at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has 337 Jets, 9 Aerators, 337 Lights for Nozzles and 1100 lights for the weirs. There are 7 DMX Universes for lights and one universe for the jets, all controlled by two Gilderfluke & Co. Br-Brain4s.

Hydrotech Swimming Pools & Fountains Website:
Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

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